New Items Up for Scotty Cameron


    Once again, nothing for the Futura A.  Nice Cinco de Mayo cover.  Need some FJ shirts Scotty!


    Oops... I meant nothing for the Futura X.  I will have to keep on waiting for one of his releases to cover my lonely putter.

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    Looks nice but when I tried it I didn't care for it. There just wasn't much different between it and my present putter statistically.


    Nothing of interest. Pass and move along.


    I like the Cinco cover.  Not a huge PM shirt fan...


    Cover soso

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    Meh, pass.....   Again..


    Not the best, these releases are starting to loose my interest.  


    I actually picked up the putting path tool.  I was going to make something like this, but then I saw this one and liked it.  I passed on the cover.  I liked it, but it wasn't my style, so I knew I wouldn't use it.

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    Picked up a cover. Still keep dreaming that Scotty will one day use FJ for his polos.

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    Cashmere Sweater $275 dollars... I can live without it

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    Nothing, I can't do with out.

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    The putting path tool is nice but I'll save my $50 and use tees instead.