May Interclub Matches


    We play the May Interclub matches with our club leading by one half point on Monday at Coosaw Country Club.  Bobby joined me there on Friday for a practice round and I sure hope it helps and I get my second shots under control.  Greens are rather slow.    

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    Best of luck to ya ChuckZ.  I played in my association interclub match last week and it was a blast.  I got paired up with the other clubs best guy and took him down 2.5 to .5 over 18 holes.  Was the match of my life and I was sure smiling like I won the lotto afterwards.  


    Play well Chuck and let us know how things work out in the match.  Glad you were able to get a practice round in and get a feel for the speed of the greens.

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    Good luck Chuck!   Let us know how you do


    Our team finished 12th out of 13 teams today.  Were missing a couple of our key players and this should drop us out of first place.  Hopefully we can rebound in June.   We play our home course in July.  Personally I was plus 4 and finished second on the team and 18th overall.  We had 128 participants today.   The greens felt like velcro today.  Was hitting the ball fairly well off the tee.  Stayed in the middle of the fairway giving myself a chance, but the greens were just slow.  Way to go CTiger.  Match play is fun.  Wish we would do that and it would cut down on our over five hour rounds we end up playing.  Like the mind games in match play, especially when I get to go first.  Won a gift certificate and picked up some nice plaid FJ shorts on sale, so the day was not a total loss.  Also turned a couple of guys on to the new FJ Citys.  :-)    


    Shorts I found on sale at interclub....only pair they had left......really like the colors.....light blue, white and black....lots of potential.....the FJA logo would have looked great on these.......



    I guess you can't win them all Chuck!  Glad to hear that you won a gift certificate and were able to convert it to some FJ shorts.  I agree with you on the match play... so much more fun and it really makes each and every hole have a certain amount of pressure.  I think match play is my favorite format for sure.

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    Chuck, it sounds like a rough day for your team.  There's always next month to get back into the lead :)  At least like you said, you picked up some FJ gear.  Definitely not a total loss :)