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    I just finished playing in the Texas Golf Association's South Regional Senior Amateur tournament, played at Raveneaux CC, Houston.  Did not do very well the first day, mostly due to one hole--the 5th, where I had an easy 10.  Finished fourth from last on the first day in the Super Senior division (yes, I'm that old).  I did improve 10 strokes between front and back nines, though.  Today, with nothing to lose, I had a much better day, finishing with 79 for a two-day total of 167.  The same hole bit me again, though, with a triple bogey after a badly plugged lie in the front bunker.  Score today was nine strokes better than day 1.  Wore my TT athletic fit FJ shirt, with my newest pair of Icons, style #52245, with the black laces, and a PTL glove.  Shoes do not show in the picture, though.  All in all, a fun two days.  I'll probably do some more of these type events in the future, despite not doing well in this one.  First regional tournament for me since Salt Lake City in 1977.


    Way to turn it around from Day #1 Ted.  Looking good in your TT FJ shirt!

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    Awesome report.  I find competition always forces me to improve!  Keep at it!

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    Looking pretty sharp there.

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    Lookin good, keep swinging away and trying!!  


    Remember how you battled back at the FJA in RICC?  That was quite the performance.  You can always mount the comeback Ted!


    Hey, those tournaments bring out the best and worst at times......great job....nothing wrong with the Super it whenever I can....mostly play in Sr know move it up and have fun....have about four to five events coming up this year....glad you are playing tournaments again.....have to get use to playing tournaments after playing for fun.....good luck and again, good representation.....chuck  :-)

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    I played in our annul interclub match play yesterday and I won my match by one hole.  It was a good time and I played just good enough to win the ninth hole and that secured the overall win.  Match play is much more fun that stroke play in my opinion, because you can have bad holes and still be in the hunt.  My competitor did play way below his capability, but I strung together a few good holes to tie him up and hold out till the end.  But everybody get out and enjoy some golf, spring/summer is finally here.


    Way to go CTiger....great job.....match play can be a lot of fun and challanging......


    Looking good Ted...good luck in your future tournaments...we're hardly under way here in Michigan...






    Way to go Ted!!