Hogan in FootJoys




    That is cool I didn't know footjoy was around that long but it good that it is still going strong and is the brand of winners


    It's great to see the history lesson at the Brockton Plant wasn't forgotten....

    Classic shoes for his classic swing.


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    Have always been a fan of the Hawk. Too bad his brand has lost its lustre.

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    That is an awesome piece of history.  Never knew Mr. Hogan was an FJ man.  


    How did you find something like that noel...great find!!! Thanks for posting


    Hi Mondo!  Nothing to it, really... I just happen to like "Ben Hogan" in Facebook ( and I follow his publications in it.  On the days where Mr. Hogan had history or a meaningful day, the site would publish something about it to everyone who follows.  This publication or post was one of them and it was an amazing post to read and share.  Like most of us here in the FJC, I was so proud to see our beloved product to have stand the test of time, and what a great golfer/model on a great product.  My (step) dad also loves FootJoy since he was a kid.  He's always told me that there are no other shoe in golf that would really matter.