Arnold Palmer Special

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    Which network is televising the series?


    Which network is televising the series?

    Golf Channel.


    I have them set to record and I will watch them in 1 sitting, cant wait!!!

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    I saw the first episode last night and I am waiting for tonight's to continue the story.  Such a nice man who has meant so very much to the game of golf.  I especially like how he takes the time to sign pics and such for fans who want it.  And how he has spent tons of money to mail those pics for those who forgot to send a postage paid envelope.  And he also writes back to everybody who has written him.  That is class of the highest caliber.  


    I started watching it last night and feel asleep after the part about he and Winnie......that was a beautiful part of his life......she was the foundation of his golf career.......  :-)

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    I have them set to record and I will watch them in 1 sitting, cant wait!!!

    agree I am recording then will watch in its entirety ( fast forward the commercials as well)

    But I will say that aArnie is aging.  He was great for game and was the player I rooted for or wanted to be as a kid.  Arnie over Jack.


    ICON... Taping it now!


    You can also stream it from the Golf Channel website.

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    I totally agree!!!  I also noticed Arnie looking a little aged and told my family we need to get to Bay Hill and try to meet him while he is still a regular.....  A great ambassador for the game and an even better person.  

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    I was fortunate enough to play at Bayhill and have a caddy  who had caddied several times  for  Arnie.  The caddy confirmed that all the wonderful things you hear about Arnie are true and not just publicity hype. We don't have enough athletes with  Arnie's traits.


    Well put!


    I started to watch the first episode last night, but fell asleep.  Been a crazy few weeks with two sick kids, 9:30 is now considered a late night in my house!

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    I finally got through the whole arnie special (all three episodes) this past weekend.  It was an amazing tale.  The wife and I were talking about the way he really impacted the game and affected the way it was perceived.  Golf certainly would not be the way it is today without Arnie.

    I also don't foresee anyone anytime soon having the impact on the game that he had.  Sure we have Tiger (had?) but while he is an amazing talent, he hasn't changed the game the way that Palmer did.


    I highly recommend Arnold's book. "A Golfer's Life" Great read.