UConn Huskies

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    Gotta give a shout out to my home state Huskies. Both Mens and Womens hoop teams are national champs. Only school to ever have both titles in the same year and now they have done it twice.

    CT is the college hoops Mecca !

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    Nor sure what is in thee water in Storrs, but it is amazing how well UConn recruits AND coaches..Seems like they get the kids to visit and they never leave...

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    UConn played two great games.


    And a very special shoutout for rioting. I've heard of sore losers but these idiots are being destructive when they win. I'm embarrassed for the place and I've only diven through it once (thank goodness not during basketball season).




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    Grew up and still am a huge Huskies fan... Love seeing both teams repeat 2004. Unreal run!!