Scotty Cameron uses a Futura x when he plays golf !


    Sounds like face balanced putters have a found a real place for the majority of golfers.

    This was from my latest Golf magazine. The interviewer thought he was a Newport guy, but he said when money was on the line and he had to make the putt Futura x was his choice to play with.

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    We all have our favorites. Mine is a Newport 2. It would be fun to be a kid in the SC candy store.


    Sounds interesting...he has used a blade for a long time...

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    I'm with Mark on this one.  Big fan of the Newport 2.  Hopefully, that will be the next club in the bag, since I don't own one yet.  It is fun to test them out at the store though.


    I think it goes to whatever works best.  Blade, mallet, etc. everybody seems to have a different preference.  It's funny to watch players switch around their putters.  The putter seems to get swapped out more frequently than other clubs in the bag it seems.  I have a Newport 2 and a Futura X Dual balance and love the Futura X.  It's all about what you feel most comfortable making that putt on 18 to clinch a match.

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    Interesting as each design seems to favour a different type of stroke (face balanced: SBST v toe balanced:Arc).