1st round on Sunday!


    looks like I will finally be getting in my 1st round of the year on Sunday here in Milwaukee. 56 and sunny means I will be on the course. Should be interesting as it will be my first round of the year, and my first round with my new irons. Just looking forward to being back out on the course!!


    good luck and enjoy your time on the course.


    Glad to hear some of the folks up north are starting to get back out on the courses.  Have fun and enjoy the first round of the year!

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    My first and second rounds coming this weekend, too. Low mid 50's in Southern Mass and Rhode Island! Go time

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    Enjoy the round and have fun! I've heard the winter has been especially hard in the midwest this winter.


    I will notify all homeowners adjacent to your course!

    Seriously, I'm glad you can get back out there buddy. Baby steps, and don't hurt your back!

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    Rain today, rain/snow tomorrow.  50 and sunny Sunday!  Of course that day is already pre-planned.  No on course activity for me yet!  Closer though, much closer!  Good luck


    Fairways and greens....first time with the new irons.....tempo

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    Good to hear your weather is good enough for golfing.  I have my second tournament tomorrow and I am looking forward to playing and having some fun.  

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    We are all set to play on Wednesday. Cabin fever is so high  that we will be swinging even if it's windy,wet and cold here in RI.

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    How are the new Irons?