Foam Rollers -- Anyone Use Them?


    ha ha ha! I use a runners stick to work out kinks but havent used a foam roller.


    I've used a similar version in the past...they really do wonders in working out the kinks...depending on how tightly you are could hurt some...

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    I have several personal trainer friends who swear by these foam rollers.  Many to choose from, you just have to find one that best fits your needs and budget.

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    I recently started training with a TPI certified trainer and she has had me using the foam roller at the end of our session.  It feels good generally but has taken some getting used to some of the moves.   am not sure if the device she has used on my calves is the "stick" referred to earlier but she rolls it on my calves and boy when she hits a tight knot in my calf I know it but with some work it loosens and feels better.  I am looking at purchasing a foam roller for home use.  


    Has anyone used the brand I posted? It's the Grid 2.0 by Trigger Point Therapy.  I do use a roller in my gym but it's not as firm as I would like (blue colour/completely solid).

    I haven't used a runners stick before, but I have used a rolling pin -- the kitchen didn't like that.


    Those rollers work wonders for shin splints!

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    My wife has had one and its use is sort of on and off by her.  I keep looking at it and thinking I should use it prior to the workouts I do get in.  After this thread I think I'm going to have to give it a harder look.


    There is a great TPI Video on the Titleist TPI website...just do a quick search for foam rollers, the trainer has a great video on the proper use...he discusses how to move slowly using them to stretch out muscles etc... 30 seconds per leg!


    Thanks Chris -- 30 seconds per leg...ouch! I can handle 10-15 on the not-so-firm roller at my gym TFL/band. 30 seconds sounds like torture.


    Here's a link to the TPI website: click here


    I use one.  My trainer in college got me into it.  They really do help you work out the knots and kinks if you will.  Now only if it would make the ball fly straight...



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       I only use them to keep my hair perfectly coiffed. Must admit, they work very well.

    You have a picture of that, you'd like to share?

    kmcmellen, would you really want to see that? Next he will want to show you the new Dress & purse he bought. LOL