Admit it- I was wrong....


    OK, I said yesterday in my post of TW pulling out of The Masters that he could be pulling an April Fools joke. I admit I was flat out wrong, and the stories about his surgery and the significance of that isn't small. He clearly must have been in some distress, so kudos to him for listening to his Doctors.

    So I'm sorry I sloughed it off as a possible joke, since it clearly wasn't. I certainly hope his recovery is speedy and he has no side effects from the procedure.


    Randy, don't rag on yourself so hard.  Given the date of the announcement, you're forgiven.

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    Given how driven Tiger is, the doctors must have really scared him - Or maybe Lindsay Vonn, no stranger to surgery herself, swayed him or maybe his back hurt so much he just knew there was no other way to deal with his malady..

    IF it had been an April Fool's gag, of the modern day Masters players only Tiger would have enough stature to attempt to "pull the leg" of the Masters machine...Regardless, i too hope his recovery is without complication and quick.


    S**t happens and life moves.....we all wish him well


    I have to second the fact that I thought it was an April Fool's joke as well.  Has to be pretty serious to miss the middle of the season and probably all of the majors and I'm glad he listened to his advisors and has a full recovery.


    That would have been a good one - hadn't thought about that -  you're still the "King Nutt"

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    Not that it couldn't have been.


    Nice post Randy, we still love you :)

    Reading the Hank book, Tiger thinks injuries make you an athlete, and warrior athlete's overcome injuries. TW is a clearly a warrior and he will be back.

    Patrons are mad though and ticket prices are dropping, but I think we will have one heck of a great battle for this years green jacket !


    Does TW have a sense of humour !!!

    Certainly don't see it much in the public arena.

    Can only imagine the absolutely outraged reception that would have come from Augusta if it had been a an April Fools joke or am I being a bit harsh .... I think not.

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    As I posted a few other times, I took the news at face value while keeping the thought in the back of my head that it just could be the greatest prank ever pulled (perhaps him releasing the info ON April Fools day IS the greatest prank ever pulled?)

    Randy, just be glad we're not your significant other, we wouldn't let you live this down!

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    Well I was just as wrong as you!   It must be pretty bad to keep him out.  I am not a huge TW fan, but hope for a speedy recovery.  He is good for the game.