Patrick Gibbons sale


    I got this email from Patrick this morning and for those that didn't and want a great deal on Gator belts have at 'em with a 30% discount

    which makes for a $131.70 discount!!

    "As a proud Dayton Flyer, I want to get rid of all Alligator belts

    in house as my fellow Flyers take on the Gators of Florida tomorrow.

    Therefore, we are having a 30% discount on all alligator belts

    through tomorrow's game.

    Just type in "FLYERS" at checkout and get 30% all alligator


    We just need one more night of burning couches and partying in the

    UD Ghetto. If you've never been, you just wouldn't understand.

    WE ARE………..UD!!!!!!!

    Go Flyers

    Shoot low,



    Patrick Gibbons"

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    Very cool.  But all these deals are killing my wallet.  Maybe just one belt...


    Thanks Todd.  More deals to tempt.  Must be strong..... 



    I remember the bon fires in the streets.  The cops coming and busting up the parties, always a couple nightsticks and arrests.  Plenty of beer and wine and partying to the wee hours.  The ghetto you are referring to, in the late 60's was some of the best off campus housing.  Oh my that was 45 years ago.


    My piggy bank is for the masters...must resist!!!

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    That is a great deal. Thanks for the heads up.


    Yea, I'm awaiting the Vokey and Cameron release!


    These are great looking belts and have been trying to justify the cost.  Tried to pull the trigger with the 30% discount this weekend, but could not do it.  Have to hold onto the golf budget to continue to build the MyJoy collection!


    Yea, I'm awaiting the Vokey and Cameron release!

    So am I, but have really been underwhelmed and disappointed with the last few releases from both of them.