Peter Kessler Interviews

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    Long-time Golf Channel viewers will remember Peter Kessler as "Mr Golf Channel" and his abrupt and sudden departure changedY ) ***decreased) the quality of programming of the network. One of the things I liked the most was his candid interviews with many of the games great players. Well I recently found many of his interviews in Podcast form in iTunes. It's really cool to listen to a young Sergio talk about his game and hope for the future. Or hear Faldo during the latter stages of his playing days talk of his resurgence and break-up with Leadbetter.  And Ken Venturi is awesome, as always. Snead, Palmer, Bolt, and even Sarazen.

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    LOVE these interviews! Kessler was also the voice of a coupel of golf infomercials for ??I cannot recall the products, but he had a voice made for the voice-over business...Thanks miniwarmth...

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    Kessler had a way of not having the focus on himself.

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    I always liked Kessler. He has a way adding a bit. I know what I see on TV I want the commentators to enhance my viewing expierence with out distracting me. Miller and Feherty distract me style.


    Thanks for the flashback...  loved Kessler's style.