Another reason to keep it in the fairway

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    They are going to start selling fire hydrants with golf clubs now.

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    Winter has been way too long....I think I just read that golf clubs have started brush fires in Cali....I need some sunshine!!


    I read that.  I remember when titanium clubs came out you would occasionally see a spark.  Never thought it would cause a fire, but I guess anything is possible.

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    WOWSERS.  The course I work at is as dry as I have ever seen, but we are more worried about customers throwing down lit cigarette or cigars.  Guess I will send that link to my boss so he can see it and brief the staff.

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    I occasionally see sparks off my 913D2, but only when it's late at night on the range.  Never thought anything could last long enough to start a fire.  


    I see sparks from people's drive from time to time, but never imagined that being able to start a fire from dry brush and vegetation nearby.  Could the same thing happen if a stainless steel club hits a Titanium ball?


    Well, now that is a HOT club.  Does it give 15 more yards?

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    Well, now that is a HOT club.  Does it give 15 more yards?

    I think it was 17 yards.  

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    Only if it's -IER

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    Brought to you by the golf police.


    The conditions would have to be windless for such a spark to ignite anything. My cattle manure detector is beeping loudly.


    This article has been circulating out here in SoCal for a while, mostly due to the very dry conditions.

    The funny irony is that one of the clubs mentioned, Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, is my home club. The fire mentioned was nothing serious and extinguished quickly. But it does make for sensational journalism that a golf club can start a fire!