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    Tyler Higley
    tdogg21Tyler HigleyCarls Golfland might be the best offer out there

    That is a good price.  Have you ever bought from them?  Their website doesn't exactly give me a lot of confidence something won't get messed up.

    I have bought shoes from them. I believe that they are one of the larger golf retailers in the Lower penisula of Michigan.


    Carls Golfland has 2 stores in Metro Detroit. One of the locations is close to Ann Arbor, so I used to drop by there a lot. Ironically, it was a locale where Mondo and I met one day and then went to have breakfast during one of my trips over there.

    Additionally, I have bought many items from them, both directly and through their eBay store. They are highly reputable, good service, and a top FJ/Titleist account. Buy with confidence.

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    I got the word a few days ago, but had to wait till today to post the signs in my pro shop.  Got three new customers in the first hour and even talked them into the customization.  This is a great deal, and try and support your local course pro shop if you can, I know we do not charge for shipping at my course.  Have a great spring and do not lose to many new Titleist golf  balls.

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    It's hard to beat the deals from your own home course.


    Support the local guy. I buy local unless I get greater than a 40% discount. If I have to pay retail I have my local Pro order it.

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    Finally.  Just wish everyone offered the same number option. Need all