Tiger back

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    He is 5 over on his round and out goes his back -give me a break


    Check the withdrawal thread.. Lots of comments..


    He is 5 over on his round and out goes his back -give me a break

    Did you think that maybe Tiger's back was the reason he was 5 over? Are you a doctor? Can you do an MRI from your couch through your TV? Obviously, you've never had a back problem or you might give him a break. And this comes from "not" a Tiger fan.

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    Does it matter in the rankings system if you finish last or w/d before finishing a round?

    Just courious

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    Like golferdrmjr stated, maybe that is the reason.   I am not a huge Tiger fan either but I find it hard to believe he would use this as an excuse just cause he is playing bad.  I have had back problems for the last 10 years, moving just a little the wrong way can make your day go horrible in a hurry.  


    I've played several contact sports (football, rugby, boxing {0-2}) however golf is odd that even a little hang nail can cause you to be off your game. I am not suprised Tiger has back problems. This malady is not uncommon and rarely is cured. Why do you think there are so many chiroprators around?

    Jack Nicklaus even blamed a loss of a major on an infected cuticle on his index finger. A bad back seems most reasonable.

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    I don't like him but the guy is not a quitter, that's why he had that long made cut streak record that will never be broken. He does not give in on the course.

    I don't think it's smart to be even considering playing Bay Hill, he has proven he can not play right  before Augusta and be sharp.

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    I don't really doubt him and I'm not a Tiger fan either.  I'm also 38 and I've had back problems creep up the last couple of years while playing golf.  They don't go away, the best you can do is cope with them and hope things don't go sideways on you during a round.

    If my back is bad, I have the luxury of skipping playing for a while, even if I don't want to.  Being his livelihood and the demands of sponsors, etc., he doesn't get that benefit for the most part.  I would prefer if I had his money though.  Would make things easier when the back is bothering me.

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    I think Tiger is a competitor and tells like he sees it.

    My question is: Can he recover from it with his current swing. Does he's swing strain that muscle set?

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    His siwng is just not anything he would naturally find. It is contorted and mechanical.  It may work for others, but Tiger has to face fscts: This swing isn't working and in fact has contributed to injury. Look back at his young years on Tour. That swing motion worked..


    this is classic Tiger


    I LOVE Lee Trevino's mindset...... I don't use or need a coach because I haven't found one that could beat me!

    'Nuff said!


    Tiger's swing looks really short, putting alot of pressure on timing up his hands and hips.