Vokey's Japan Cold Forged Wedges

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    Those are beautiful!  I was not aware of the insane price difference between golf equipment here and Japan.  That's crazy!  I won't feel so bad now when I'm looking to change clubs!

    In the early 1980s there was an electronics chain in the NYC area named Crazy Eddies. The chain had this wild eyed fast talking spokeperson and a tag line entirely appropriate to sicker prices of high-end Japanese golf club manufacturers: "Our prices are INSANE!!!"

    That's why i said that in my opinion, the offerings from Titleist offer a fantastic combination of performance and value..


    Nice looking but pretty expensive. Especially for something that I would change at least twice a season!

    I would also bet that most of us could not tell the difference between these and the standard cast Vokey wedges.

    Go figure, on the surface, I assumed Vokey wedges were forged because of their soft feel; however, a check on the site confirms they are cast and then, heat treated to match the feel of the forged irons. Why? "Cast tooling is a more efficient and accurate way to faithfully reproduce the special grinds Bob creates for the Tour." Given all of this, why buy forged wedges when you will probably result in buying new wedges every year?