Has the sun stopped shining anywhere else. I am tired of Winter.


    We actually have sun in KC today! Supposed to get all the way up into the 50s over the weekend, but courses are still too wet.

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    Sun came out today just long enough to think about golfing, but supposed to be cold and rainy again tomorrow.  Hopefully, by Sunday in time for my lesson the temps and sun will be out long enough for the course to not be soaked.

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    Right now, 5:28 PM, it is snowing, again, here on Cape Cod.And the low temp tonight? Under 10 degrees F...I have to pull up Devin's avatar RIGHT NOW!!

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    We just got back to R.I. after a month in Fl. With all the snow we have had here in R.I. it is almost all gone  and the temp is getting a LITTLE better.  Start thinking about golf,it is just around the corner.

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    I'm on my to SoCal from Philly to peg it up. Sun better be shining or I am packing it in.


    Mark, it peeked through for about 15 minutes here today.  Temp at the course got almost to the low 50's, even.


    It rained for three days out here, north L.A. county, and we need a whole lot more... But it's been sunny in the high 60s today and will be mid 70s again this weekend like we've had most of the winter.

    I know how it sounds while I respond to this post, but reality is that rain is much needed here and we wish we'd get some of what other states get.  Lakes are drying out as for water source- it doesn't look good for the up coming summer.


    It stopped shining last weekend when we had some much needed rain here in San Diego. But the sun is back out in force now, 80 degrees and full sunshine at my house today. It was a beautiful day for golfing, in FootJoys of course! :-)


    Lots of sun here.......the better to see the snow on the ground i guess.....


    Troy, you just be ready for Torrey tomorrow....... Safe landings!


    OK, no gloating here.... It will be in the 80s here Friday through Sunday.  Hot time in the old town for sure!

    And, um, no snow!


    Heading down to the "Sunshine State" next week so I hope the moniker is true and I will have some good golf weather!  Ready for spring to get here!

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    Plenty of sun.   Just too bad it reflects off the snow and blinds you!!!    


    The sun is shining. I am sitting on the deck and working on my laptop. Kinda cold at 55 though.

    I would rather be cold and have sun, than be warm on a cloudy day.