Big Break.. Ladies

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    The show remains a staple offering on the Golf Channel, but...Stephanie leaving, whether involuntarily or by her own volition, is doing the right thing. The show is old, in my opinion...


    Exactly, Rick. At least Stephanie and Michelle wore golf shoes. I watched a Golf Channel preview video today introducing Melanie. Believe me, it's not only going to be the shoes that are in question.

    My wife's comment was "Where did they find the tart to co-host the show?"......just sayin'


    Just a bit dumb, not exactly proper footwear for the golf course.

    Totally agree, could care less about her shoes, I want a knowledgeable host.... I live in San Diego, I can see hot women every second!


    TNT00919holeHave to love a "sports" writer who shows up on a golf course in wedges.

    Free aeration of the greens!

    No aeration with wedges -- maybe why she and wardrobe chose those for her?

    I thought it was to help her keep her weight on her toes111 What do I know.

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    Stephanie Sparks can golf her ball.  I don't know why Golf Channel didn't keep her on with Big Break and the second iteration of Playing Lessons. Melanie Collins was alright for the first episode...wedges and all...but please get rid of Tom Abbott.