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pro v1

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    Why are they the best?


    My recommendation is that you play them and then you will know that answer.  The feel, the performance, the reaction and the distance.  They are the best ball for me....  :-)


    Top ball on tour forever.


    Not just the Pro V.. Titleist get the obvious Tour perspective, but the get a lot of feedback from Average Joes like us!

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    What Chuck said...

    Performance, consistency, that lead to confidence.  I don't always play Pro V1x, but when I do I have my best rounds.  Stay golfing my friends.

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    Because they offer something for every level of golfer.  They are not afraid to listen to their demographics and make changes based on what is best for the consumer.  And they product they produce is hands down the best available.  


    The quality is unmatched.  Other companies try to put a tour ball out that compares and always seem to fall short in some category.  One thing I love is durability as I know there are other tour balls out there that I have played with that you can literally start to wear the cover off the ball.  Never seen this in the ProV line.  


    I think you should buy a sleeve of either Prov1 or Prov1x and go try them on you next round. Play on a slow day. When I tried them I went out late in the afternoon when no one was at the course. When you get to shots that are 100 yards and in play the ball you play now and a Prov. If you can't see a difference buy the time you either scuff them up until they aren't playable or lose them stick with what you are playing now.

    If you want all the technical stuff there are so many reviews, just google it.

    But if you are losing 2-3 or more balls per round it will make you sick to lose a $4 dollar ball. If I am not playing well I leave them in my bag.

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    More distance for all club head speeds than most other balls and great control around the greens. Great ball, pricey but worth it.


    The ball is the only consistent piece of equipment used on every shot so you want to make sure you have the best available.  The Prov1 and Prov1x are certainly the best, as evidenced by the number of balls in play on the tours.  

    I like Mark's idea of trying side by side to see for yourself.  This is how they wanted us to test balls so it makes sense to do it that way for yourself.  Give it a try and I think you will see the difference in feel and control coming into the greens.


    it is made by the best brand in golf. they don't make big changes on there balls like TM, Callaway, and Nike does. this means once you like a ball from Titleist you could get that same ball for years to come


    Wow! Lots of reasons thus far!!  I had not thought of some of them...now I am really convinced...this could make a great commercial! LOL


    It's the ball of choice in the tour.  If you play enough golf, chances are you will probably be looking for its characteristics.



    I've tried lots of different balls over the years and always, always come back to Titleist. I've used the ProV1 and also the NXT Tour S for several years and love them both. Been using the NXT over the colder months.

    In short, as many have said, the ball you use is played on every shot. Every shot in every round. Why take chances on your round with a ball that isn't as consistent and true as a Titleist? It's the Number One ball in golf for a reason.....


    Hey cheeser...my thoughts are a combination of the many comments above ... the reason I play is the consistency I see in their performance, and I really like their performance around the green best...while I play the pro v1x, the regular is just as good a product...it just spins too much for me