First snow day of the year !


    3 inches of snow the fist measurable snow in the Portland area in 5 years. School's out today's!

    Last week I golfed in a light sweater in the mid fifties.


    Love seeing how excited your daughter is! Kids in Kansas City have been off school all five days this week since we had ice on Monday, 9-12 inches on Tuesday into Wednesday, then single digit temps and negative windchills. Ugh.

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    Great picture.  We have had a couple of inches of snow in Tulsa, but nothing that has stayed around.  And our temps have been in the teens for a few days making it arctic like in these parts.  Hope your daughter enjoys some snow fun.  


    My kids love snow days.

    Having a home office makes them a big drag on productivity for me.

    I play with the kids instead of getting my work done. They are only young for a short while.


    Great picture!!!!!


    Ducks don't do too well in the snow, do they Randy!


    Another sign of GLOBAL WARMING!!!


    Awesome.  This is not a sight we get to see very often along the coast of S Carolina.  I grew up in East Tennessee and do miss the winters.  NOT....  :-)

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    Midwest has been terrible this winter, mother nature owes us a beautiful golf season this year!!!!

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    Nice weather...says your over the top excitied daughter!!