More sweepstakes

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    Come on guys !! the last one is over 2 months old!!!!!


    Thank you for entering the FJ Wins You Win Sweepstakes (Scott Stallings - Farmers Insurance Open). Good luck!

    I just entered this past week for this back from FJ on the 28th.........


    Think you missed a couple.  You snooze you don't get to enter.


    There is a sweepstakes after every FJ win...

    But we are not here to win stuff.  The site has never been and will never be about that.  This forum is so great because we all share ideas and conversations about the products and golf and that allows us to become FJ Ambassadors.  Engage with the group and enjoy the ride that Fj has made for us.



    In addition to the FJ Wins, there was also the DNA sweeps that just ended.  

    TT is right about the site.  It is something very special here...

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    I seem to miss them as well. In fact, I just realised that there's a sweepstakes link in menu bar!