It's more fun when you know the rules


    Something I try to do before each tournament so I do not incur an infraction.  Last interclub on our first hole one of the guys in our group incurred a two stroke penalty.  Not a good way to start the day.    

    No matter the situation, understanding the Rules of Golf can help all golfers play more quickly and have more fun.

    To learn more about commonly encountered Rules, go to

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    I always liked the rules interlude on the golf telecasts of ..was NBC? Whichever network golf team has Roger Maltby. Rmember his rule interpretations series that would be sprinkled into the broadcasts? Is this series off of the air or are they still filler on golf broadcasts?

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    Yep and the wonderful thing about the rules is there's an app for your phone so you can study on the go and they have many decisions on the rules which provide real world examples to make understanding them a bit easier.

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    That is why I have a copy of the rules in my golf bag.  In case I have questions or issues and need to look it up.  


    A lot of golf associations have rules seminars.  Carolina does and they have them all over the Carolina's.  They are a couple hours but you learn a lot of interesting things.  Chuck check out the CGA website for one near you.


    Thanks, have been in the past when I was president of our handicap club.....a requirement for SCGA and CGA that a member of the club attend.......used to be on an annual basis......and have learned to keep the rules book in my bag at all times....these seminars are worth the time and money.....

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    I find that having my iPhone on the course is much quicker than hunting for the rules. I can just search for the scenario and instantly get the ruling.


    Don't own a cell phone.....hate them going off on the course.....time wasters....just old fashioned....I guess......if you are not sure about a ruling, play two balls and let the tournament director rule on it....that is real fast....

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    I believe that knowing the rules is very important, especially if you play any tournament golf.  There are a number of situations where I have been playing with a group in a tournament and one of the players has incurred a penalty and was not even aware of the rule he was breaking.  The iPhone app or a copy of the rule book is always good to back you up when there is any confusion.


    Knowing the rules saved Bubba at least a stroke last week.  Was able to get a free drop out of the desert brush because he knew the rules and how best to use them.