Snow in Atlanta

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    I just stayed inside with adult beverages (like any other day). Special thanks to my wife for taking this picture she was a little upset when I accidently locked her out for a couple of hours. Hey it's hard to hear over a blender.

    What with the snow, I presume we cannot see the month green here at Holley CC. But the approach is very pretty and the snack shack at the turn is a nice building, for sure


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    I sure hope the greens aren't affected at Augusta.


    Sure thing Ted my home course is just 2 miles away. Most anytime but especially spring time would be great.




    With the snow and ice, our governness has declared a state of emergency in schools again tomorrow.....with my wife home from school, I'm in the mancave with the dog.....I don't think us both being retired is going to work.....ha...ha...


    Out playing in the snow with the grandkids.  Having a ball.  *** it is cold out there.  


    I sure hope the greens aren't affected at Augusta.

    I believe that they are heated Mark......


    Kept an eye on the news today regarding our friends in Atlanta.  Can you imagine Atlanta shut down and having to spend the night on the interstate and a lot of cars just abandoned on the highways.  Some officials let you guys down through lack of preparation.  Those roads were not ready for this storm.  I feel for you guys.    


    Sweet looking course - can't believe how much trouble there was down your way with the weather/roads.

    Hang in there -  if you run out of items for the blender maybe we can have something FedExed your way.

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    Hilarious!!!! "...Hey it's hard to hear over a blender"


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    Heard horror stories of those back home. A good friend had to sleep in a Kroger (or Publix) beer aisle. They gave out free Sausage biscuits in the morning to all that slept there. Took my Dad over 5+ hours to get from downtown to our town north of the Perimeter (which is no more than 45 mins w/ normal Atlanta traffic). Hopefully they'll mobilize the National Guard and City vehicles in advance next time!


    Ty,   Why are you headed to Florida, it is cold there too.


    Ty, try Hawaii.