SM5 Vokeys Available March 14


    Nice looking clubs, but I really hate to give up my old wedges which I have learned to love.  Too many temptations this year.  Putters, wedges, and FJ Shoes.....



    It should be very easy to give up the old wedges. Most serious players change them every year, some of us as much a 3 times a year!


    I'm always replacing once a year.  It truly does help the game.  Plus knowing my specs helps when ordering.



    Can't wait! I like to  replace my wedges once a year...Tim, you hit the nail on the head!

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    Really dig the M grind.  I wonder how well that type of finish will hold up.

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    I need a new set. I am going to get fit for wedges this Spring.

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    Guys, how many rounds are you typically playing before replacing your wedges? And are you seeing visible wear on the faces as another indicator of when to purchase new wedges?

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    Those look very nice.  Might have to consider upgrading when I get my new AP2's, but will not know what I need till I get those in.  Might have to look at specs and lofts when I get to work today.  Good thing I work at a course, so I have resources right at my fingers.


    I'm always replacing once a year.  It truly does help the game.  Plus knowing my specs helps when ordering.


    That's where I get stuck.  I need to get a wedge fitting done so I can know for sure what specs I need.  The problem around here is finding somewhere to get fit that will have more than a couple of wedges to try.


    Ordering the clubs to spec is a great way to go about it.

    I have two sets of wedges.  One, for practice and some rounds.  The other set, I reserve for more than just a regular round.  Both sets are the same specs, but my specs changed a little last year and were bent again.  The cost is almost nothing per clubs in most shops, but I'm even luckier because my pro has the tool and he bends them for me.

    I'm able to keep my wedges much longer that way.  But then again, I'm not powerful enough to wear them easily.

    I may need a new set soon and rotate/retire one.


    Give me the Stricker grind all day long! The black finish look quite tasty!


    i think I'm going to go to S Grind for my 56 degree over the M.  I like my M Grind 60 though, not sure about the K Grind

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    I really love the looks of these.  I got new wedges late enough last year where I wont be upgrading this year (unless I end up with an inordinate  amount of rounds played).


    The 5' s have a nice clean look, I will get a few new ones.  I like having several lofts and bounce choice hanging around to fill my bag.

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    Nice looking wedges and I need to do a wedge fitting this spring.