Scotty Cameron New Putters


    Titleist just sent me a notice for the new line of SC putters.  Picture is enclosed of a Newport 2 and a Golo.  As you can see, the SELECT is not black.  New arrows for this indian to consider. 


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    Very nice. This could be an expensive year.

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    We just got our newly updated information sheets at work for these products.  Might have to get my hands on that Newport 2, it looks very nice.  


    While I'm bummed a little that he didn't do much with the graphics on the selects I'm excited about adding a silver Newport 2 to my collection.  I hear the bombs in the cavity are larger so that's a nice touch.  Interested to see what he did with the cover... I'm guessing just a red version of this cover that came with the black ones.

    He did this style for the GoLo Limiteds so could be similar?

    2013GoLoLimitedHC?fmt=png alpha&wid=1200&qlt=90

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    So typical we have silver for years and he gives us black and then once he has us hooked he switches back.

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    I would like to give the Golo a whirl and get my dad the Newport 2.  Just need $700 to burn now.