And the Broncos Move on


    The Manning propaganda is over I hope......  Threw for 400 yards, no interceptions and no sacks and the Broncos had a total 507 yards against the other best football team in the NFL...go big orange

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    Pats have no D. Peyton may not have it as easy against a D like Seattle. With that being said, I really hope the Broncos can take this Super Bowl. Can't stand Pete Carrol!

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    Yea they played pretty good.  Brady looked off his game today, wasnt very accurate.  Denver - Seattle should be pretty interesting, depending on the weather...   Which is stupid to say for a Super Bowl game.  

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    Broncos clearly hit onallcylinders yesterday with Manning putting on a clinic, exploiting the NewEngland secondary. i am a Pats fan, but I tip my hat to the Broncos, clearly the better team yesterday...


    I have Peyton for the win.


    WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!  Go Broncos!!


    It's Peyton's to take.     Go



    Should be a great super bowl!


    Looking forward to an exciting game.  Hate to see it decided by the weather, though.


    The best offense against the best defense.....should be a good one....I'm sure that Peyton will have a trick or two up his sleeve for the Seahawks......can you say MVP


    Seatle and Denver seems NORML


    OK - Peyton had a good day against the 2nd string D of the Pats (yes, I am a Pats season ticket holder, so I an am Belichick follower).  He did nothing until Welker intentionally tried to injure Talib - and did it well I must say.  Once that happened, that opened up the rest of the field for the other receivers.  We will see what he does against the big-time D that Seattle has out there.  I'm not saying the Broncos are not going to win, but Peyton will certainly have a chance to lose it.

    For us up here in New England, it is an easy choice - Red Sox/Yankees, Celtics/Lakers, Bruins/Canadiens, Brady/Manning.  We love our teams and hate - yes hate - the rival.  We cannot accept when a rival wins - typically the refs screwed it up or Vegas was involved.  That's how it is and now back to being miserable in the cold while our team clears out their lockers for the season!

    Go Seahawks!


    Intentionally tried to hurt Talib... Hmmm, if I just came off a three week vacation from a serious concussion and giving up 50/60 lbs to Talib, I dont think it was intentional, a penalty..Yes!... And I hate Belicheat.. and been a Bucky the Bronco fan since the days of Atwater and Mecklenberg!

    And even if it was the 2nd string D.. Uummmm, didnt Brady get the ball in his hands as well... Yeah, he did!

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    Being a Bills fan I was rooting for Denver to win.  And win they did!  Wooo go Broncos!

    This should be a great superbowl


    "We cannot accept when a rival wins - typically the refs screwed it up or Vegas was involved".

    Sounds like sour grapes or excuses.......the two best teams in the NFL played and one lost....**** happens......hate is such a negative childish word.....the Pats had a chance to keep Welker but came up a couple million short and let him get away.....their loss.....Broncs gain....