A fun challenge on these cold winter days

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    The Itinerant Golfer discovered a website through Facebook that allowed him to create lists of the Golf Digest and Golf Magazine rankings of top 100 public and private courses in America. You can check off the courses you've played. Check it out and see how you stack up against others in the Community!

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    I went a pathetic 9 of 100 of Golf Digest top 100 Private, 4 of 100 on Golf Digest top 100 Public, 9 of 100 on Golf's top 100 private and , cough 5 of 100 on Golf's top 100 public....I have to get out more and see the country!! And play golf!!


    Scored worse than you Pete and I have played a lot of courses....just don't always shell out the big bucks.....


                                     Public/Private/Resort                 Public

    Golf Digest                           3                                         5

    Golf Magazine                      4                                         5