Switching from Cleveland to Vokey Wedges?

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    I've pulled a lot of tips and information from the Vokey website.  It looks like three styles of players, so I'll review and get my local golf shop to see which type I am. Thanks for the all the input, it's been very helpful and should improve my game.

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    I was finally able to piece together a "fitting". Found a few guys with SM4's with different lofts/bounces and hit from some of the usual conditions I play. Lower bounce seems to work better for me. I then used a lie board/lie tape and confirmed that the lower bounce clubs were the ones that resulted in better outcomes for my swing.  

    Definitely not a "Vokey Experience", but I'm reasonably comfortable with what I accomplished.  Now I'll have to decide if I want to wait for the SM5's or find a deal on SM4's..hmmm.

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    I am looking forward to a wedge fitting this spring.  I started out playing with Cleveland wedges and it seems they are easier for the beginner and mid level player to learn short game skills.  Most better Titleist loyalists I play with would use nothing but a Vokey and I agree a fitting is a must.  I have been burned buying a Vokey off the shelf and having mixed results that a fitting would have solved all my issues.  

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    Where did you guys get fit?  Did you do it indoors or out?

    I've used Cleveland for about 20 years.  Great clubs but have always lusted after Vokes.  The SM5's may nudge me over.

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    guys sorry to bring this question about a month latyer but wanted to get feedback on the shafts.... I know that majority would say to get fit but when you get the wedges the shafts that come with are pretty decent.. Have some of you gone to KBS, Project X, Nippon, dynamic Gold, etc... and seen a big difference? i have read but not tried that some of the ligther shafts make the ball go a bit farther, myth or fact?