Surprise or NOT? Rory engaged!

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    As I said earlier, I wish both much happiness. But his lousy play this year and inconsistency probably has less to do with his emotional psyche and more to do with swing motion that  requires precise timing. Watching to the evil empire certainly took some adjusting, but Snead could be anyone with a tree branch and a rock...!!


    Happy for both of them!  Good luck to Rory and Caroline.


    I hope it is a stabilizing force in his life and he can get back to his game.

    I'm all about hoping you're right Bobby...BTW, hope you had a great holiday season!!!!


    He had way too much on his mind last year.  Hopefully this will help stabilize his off-course life some.  It will be interesting how they juggle their separate careers and a marriage.

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    It will be interesting to see who retires first to support the other. Caroline was #1 for about as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Now, I believe she's #10. I don't believe Caroline or the switch to Nike had anything to do with his lacklucter performance in 2013. i believe it had more to do with the multiple lawsuits involving 1) his former agent and 2) Oakley. They both worked themselves out towards the end of 2013 and then he won down under. I believe he'll be back on track in 2014.  Here's wishing them all the very best.

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    It could very well just add significant complications to his personal and professional live.