Surprise or NOT? Rory engaged!


    Rory McIlroy claimed his first win of the new year?  His engagement to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.  He popped the question in Sydney, Austrialia, where she is starting to prepare for the Australian Open in Melbourne.  

    Happy Yew Year everyone!  I have a feeling it's going to be a great year!! My first victory of 2014," McIlroy tweeted.  He added a hash tag, SHE SAID YES!"  Maybe this is a warning to the rest of the field.  Good luck to Rory and Caroline..


    I hope it is a stabilizing force in his life and he can get back to his game.


    Bob, I could not agree more....he has so much game and I would like to see him in the winners circle more often.....maybe Carolina can be the force he needs in his life......let's hope for the best in 2014......actually for both of them.......

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    Congrats to Rory and Caroline.  Two real nice kids and maybe what Rors needs to settle himself down and get back to great golf.

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    Nice to see his 'team' is coming together.


    No surprise!

    I hope that they have much success and happiness.

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    Too much change in 2013 for the lad. Hopefully, he'll have less to deal with in 2014.


    If I was wooing her all of 2013, my golf game would struggle too.

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    I hope they have much happiness..

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    Good for them both!


    This should get him back on track for a strong 2014 season.  Congrats..




    Let's just hope he doesn't take after Tiger on this one...

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    Let's hope this grounds him as you guys have mentioned.  He has some great game and is very fun to watch!


    Let's hope the latest "celebrity power couple" can enjoy a long and joyous marriage....