Where's "FOOTJOY" at the Winterfest in Detroit

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    with those temps not sure we will be able to really see the FJ apparel.  


    Between the SEC teams playing at the bowl games (LSU, GA, and SC) watched a little hockey as well.....I hope you wore plenty of layers.....from the camera angles tough to see anyone with everyone wrapped up to keep warm.....that was just a little to cold for me.......was exciting going into overtime and then a the addition of the announcement of the mens Olympic must have had a grand experience.......time for a hot toddy.....

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    Classic game!  Outdoors, snowing, won by Maple Leafs I'm a shootout! The NHL has a cool thing going on with these outdoor games...


    For those wanting to was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE, cold as *** but well worth it!!!! .What made it even better for me as that the last 4 years working for the NHL I have never goal judged BEHIND the net as most every team in the NHL have removed the goal judge from behind the net to various locations in the arena.  Being behind the net yesterday so close to the ice gave the experience even more awesome!!!!!

    The game was some face time on TV during the 2n period but you had to look closely...I was the goal judge during the 2nd period at the end where Toronto scored...I wore my FJ Performance mock turtle neck, FJ rain pant to keep the wind and snow off of me and not 1 but 2 pair of FJ socks to keep warm.

    Hope everyone else had a great New Years day and welcomed in a fantastic 2014


    You are such a rock star. Hold out for big bonuses when the agents start calling!


    Well done there Mikey. We watched the game, but all I saw was a snowman wearing a Tuuk and goggles.....

    Seriously man, I'm proud of you for your efforts. How awesome was being in The Big House for a hockey game? I was at the Big Chill and it was such a fun event, even without the snow.


    Randy, being in that place was electric...I'm sure you could tell the way they sold the tickets they separated the Wings and Maple Leaf when I goal judged the 2nd period and Toronto scored the place erupted and literally scared the *** out of me...I've never heard a cheer that loud at any sporting event...the added bonus of being directly behind the net and in the beating down snow made this an experience/event I will never forget


    That is why Leaf fans rock Mondo! What an awesome experience for you, congrats!


    Is that Mikey I spy? From today's USAToday......



    I have reached Rock Star Status!

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    You can't wear enough clothes for that kind of cold. What a great expierence. Thanks for sharing.