Christmas week DFW Playday


    I feel your pain Mondo. We're going to play - Hopefully, I'll know where before today is over. As a backup plan, we'll play here at Walnut Creek. We have a 12:58 tee time on the Oak Course.

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    Thanks to Freddy for hosting us at Walnut Creek this afternoon.  Had fun playing with Fred and Dallin, all of us looking sharp in our FJ gear.  Glad we had a nice sunny afternoon to get together for some fun!


    That was a lot of fun. Enjoyed playing with Mike and Freddy FJ.  Weather was great, the company was great and so was the pulled pork sandwich at the grill. Can't wait to get together again soon.


    Love the description of Freddy, Dallin.  I'll have to remember that one for when he and I get together again.