Futura X Dual Balance


    Since I am 6-5"/6-6" tall they thought a slightly more upright stance would be better for my stroke....

    Also, just pulled the trigger on the SC DB Futura X, just ordered a 39" with two degree flat lie angle...similar to my regular Futura X.  I used the regular Futura X putter at the FJAI at Sawgrass and it was about the thing that worked well in my bag! LOL

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    I currently play with a Ping Craz-E putter.  The Futura intrigues me but I don't have any time on one yet.  I'll have to do some evaluation this winter!

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    I'm currently playing a TM Daddy Long Legs counter balanced putter and I love it...It's really helped my short game. I'm interested in the Futura-X counter balanced. Has anyone played both, any similarities?