Greg "My Ego is as big as a Great White" Norman

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    Well..what did you expect a competitor to say. I play for second place.

    I agree with Chuck. "the one that is playing the best right now"!

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    Greg Norman was the straightest driver of a golf ball in his era and probably any other fir that matter. If Tiger had Norman's driver game, he would have eclipsed Jack's majors record by now...Greg is a no nonsense, honest as the day is long person who understands that his greatest asset as a business man was to listen to those more experienced. He shares that trait with every great business leader and look where it has gotten him today!

    Tiger and Greg also share the ignominious distinction of currently not being married to the respective mothers' of their children..

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    Point well taken but Norman is no longer a least not on the PGA Tour.  The question asked of Norman wasn't about comparing eras, it was about Tiger's toughness.  Norman made it about himself. Just say, "yeah, Tiger is a tough customer" and move on.

    Ok, now imagine if Tiger had said, "yeah Hogan was tough but I would've taken him."


    Norman took some shots that would have downed many a golfer.  Larry Mize chip in on #11 at the Masters.  Bob Tway holing out from the bunker to beat Greg in the PGA.  I believe Notah Begay holed a shot from about 140 on 18 (I forget what tournament) to beat Norman in another tournament all in a year.  Who else could have stood up to those punches.


    This got me to thinking (I know, dangerous for me to do), wouldn't it be fun to have a tournament using persimmon woods and balata wound balls (or a ball that performs just like the old Pro Traj Titleist). They could play the event at some of the old classic courses that has been made too short by today's equipment. Set it up as they would for a major and let's see what happens. For example, if they played Colonial CC in Fort Worth, would par be relevant?