Black Friday / Cyber Monday


    Did anyone pick up any "real" good deals over the weekend.  Please share anything of interest.

    Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.


    Are you asking for golf specific or just anything in general?  I found Best Buy to have a lot of incredible in years IMHO


    i saw some thing, but didn't pull the trigger.  GolfLocker has some good deals they are advertising as Cyber Monday deals, but it's the same clearance price they've had for weeks.  So no real urgency.  I really didn't see anything on a special sale that wouldn't normally be on sale that made me stop and think.


    Nothing too good to pass up in the golfing world.  There were some offers with free shipping, etc. but nothing earth shattering.


    Chris, I was referring to the golfing industry, as I really didn't find anything that special that I "had to pick-up".  As Todd mentioned above, a lot of the same stuff from weeks ago.


    I have been finding FJ plain front shorts on sale this past weekend.  Bought one pair at Edwin Watts at 50% off (Navy Blue) before I left Memphis and a stone pair at a private course at 30% off in my area (Sale ended yesterday).  Of course I am a shopaholic and am willing to make the time to visit and call to look for bargains like this.  Can never find these on sale online.  Still looking for the FJ Belts in my size and wrote to Golflocker and they said the FJ is no longer making them and they cannot order them any longer.  Got an email from them yesterday.   If anyone knows where I can order the FJ leather belts in size 42 in colors black and white please let me know.  Chuck


    Nothing jumped out at me, honestly.

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    But I'm hoping for us all that enough jumped out for our significant others that they made a few Christmas purchases for us.


    Bought my wife an IPad Air.

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    I usually find that if I wait until closer to Christmas that there are deals that are equal to or better than black friday.

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    I dont shop on or around Black Friday.  On occasion Ill take advantage of cyber monday deals.  Not this year though.

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    Picked these up thru Golf Locker---- $89.99