Big Break Ratings

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    Does anyone know what the ratings are for the "Big Break" series?

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    If you scroll down to the Golf Channel you'll see them here

    I can't read them well but I'm pretty sure it shows that Big Break was 2nd behind golf central and ahead of the some of the PGA stuff.


    Why have amateurs in this show is beyond me.  

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    I really liked it when guys needed a break for a spot start on tour. I liken now it to a very old sitcom.

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    I enjoy watching the various competitions (since there aren't any other golf events on TV on Tuesdays) but it seems to be more and ore stale than in the original seasons.  I think they should go back to having amateurs looking to make their initial breakout and earn a tour sponsor exemption.


    I like the show but I am not enjoying the NFL guys portion and the fact that they have re used some of the same people. I like to get to know the players through the show and it seems like these characters have become a little bland.


    I can't stand NFL big break. It seems like they're going down hill each season. I did like Sarah Brown though... Bring her back and I'll tune in


    I have become very disappointed in this show... To much director infused stupid drama and not enough real golf! Season 1 was horrible, it got better and now just ***.

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    Funny thread.  Watching BB is watching an hour of bad golf shots.  They ALWAYS choke.  The winner just chokes less.  Reminds me of Big Brother, or as I call it: "Teenagers Behaving Badly".


    I love the show but I didn't watch the NFL version. It's coming back in Feb. I think with all amateurs again. Should be fun again.

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    The only highlight from last week was watching Chi Chi try the glass challenge and have it bounce back and hit him in the groin. That was absolutely hilarious, and being the champ he is he went right back and smashed the glass.

    That kind of heart and class is something the contestants on that show will never have.