Golf tip - and lots of FJ!


    Here's a tip from Michael Breed/Golf Channel/Golf Fix with Stephanie Kenoyer, who was recently eliminated from Big Break NFL. Michael, of course, is a FJ/Titleist guy, but Stephanie's wearing FJ, too! It's a good tip if you struggle with pitch shots.


    Hey, I have that shirt too!

    This is a great tip for pitching around the green, and similar to a tip my instructor gave me years ago. He also added the tip of pitching a single ball and then going to putt it out (a la Harvey Pennick) so you could practice what the value of that single pitch is worth.

    Great tips.


    Consider myself pretty good around the greens, but do appreciate the tip Chris.  Use my Gap wedge a lot but see that I might consider the Pitching wedge and in particular leave the face a little more open.  My Gap is a Vokey and find that it does dig on ocassions and my PW is an AP2 and their soles are much different.  I very rarely use a Sandwedge around the green and ofter use 7, 8, or 9 defending on the lie.  I really appreciate this tip and will put it too use next round.  I think the BIG tip I picked up is leaving the face a little open and holding the finish.  Again, THANKS......chuck