Veterans Day 2013 and What it Means to Me


    I represent a family of Air Force Sergeants that represent WWII, Korea and Vietnam and even though I served my country for five and one half years between 1965 and 1961 I did not see combat.  Many of my high school mates were not so lucky and met a higher calling.  When I returned from active duty and being medically discharged,  I had hoped to find good employment but found that many doors were closed because of my choice to serve at that time.  The military informed that my disability made me unfit to perform my duties and off I went into a new world and became a successful businessman for over twenty years, never telling my employers for over six years that I was a veteran, until they needed a veteran to meet a quota because we were a federal contractor.  I was in middle management at that time and it was the right thing to do.  After my career in the private sector, I took a position as a Distabled Veterans Outreah Program Specialist with the State of South Carolina and finally retired from there.  My job was to assist veterans with employment and hopefully give them what I never received.  I was at the VA hospital this week and I was talking to another veteran and on my way out he came up to me and said "I know where I know you from, you are the vet rep who helped me at the state office".  I said thanks for remembering and I hope it was a pleasant experience and he said, "yes it was'.  That is what veterans day means to me this year.   ChuckZ (USAF SSGT 1965-1971).  How many other have served?  Thanks for letting me share my moment.  : )  


    My son is serving now. He is in the U.S. Army Infantry with a Stryker Force. Can't tell you how proud I am.


     Back in my youth and full of adrenaline! Much respect for the Past Present and Future!


    Nice, TNT. Thanks for sharing!


    Have not served, but have many friends who have/are. Nothing but respect for those who risk their lives to protect ours. Thank you all for your service.

    TNT, that pack looks like it was heavier then you were back then! : )


    Should have seen the pack for Panama 1989's combat jump, well over 80 pounds of ammo and gear!  

    Thanks to all that serve!

    And that goes to EMS, FD and LEO!


    Here's my boy. 


    It is impossible to properly thank all the folks who have served and are serving our country in the military, or their families for the sacrifices they also give to help keep all of us safe, secure, and free.  It is so good to see current service members being thanked and supported publicly, instead of being ignored or castigated as we Vietnam vets were when we returned home.  Today's military personnel have made a choice to serve, and we always need to respect that.

    Bac Lieu, RVN, May 1972 (second tour)

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    My thanks to all who have and continue to serve our country. I did not serve, but my brother's oldest boy was a Marine and in his second tour in Iraq, wounded in the Fallujah battle.For all who made this sacrifice of life, limb, and put themselves in the line of fire, thanks.


    What a great post.  I think we all need to take a step back and think for a minute or two of how privlidged we all are for the men and women who protect this great country we live in regardless of politics and individuals opinions.  We would not be who or where we are with out the men and women in uniform.

    I have always tried to teach my boys that when ever you see anyone in uniform, stop, take your hat off and say " Thank you for all you do and I appreciate your service to our country".  It means a lot to me to see my two boys do this on their own.  Although I have nerver served, I have other family members who have, and again without THEIR commitment to OUR country, the things we sometimes take for granted, would not exist.

    Happy Verterns Day to all of you out there, and THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY!!!

    Please enjoy your day.

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    I am of the believe every day is veterans day , we all owe a debt of gratitude to all those who served to protect our basic liberties .

    Its a debt we can never fully repay but should try our best and not just  on a given Monday in November .

    Thanks to all who served in ANY capacity.

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       Back in 2004 at Lackland AFB TX. 


    Thanks to all who have and still are serving




    THANKS !!!!!


    I enlisted in the Marine Corps November 15, 1971 and retired September 30,1992 as a Major.  Retired with everything in place, I served in Desert Storm.  Will never go back to that area of the world again.

    Sat on more airstrips ready to go to what ever the Hot Spot was.  Most of the time just sat there while someone was trying to make a decision to go or not to go.  

    TNT, I did the logistic planning for the Marines in Panama.

    To all my fellow Ambassador veterans, I salute you.