Got my 714 irons yesterday - 714 Release Day!


    Mine are still on order :((

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    I just got married last month and I too recently dropped a not so subtle hint for my first Christmas present as a married man.  Maybe I can talk her into a trip to Sea Island.  She can get a massage and I can get fit for new clubs...putter through driver.


    19holeFinally took mine out of the box yesterday; 712U 4, 5 & 6 CB, 7-P MB. All D4 swingweight, DG S300 tipped an inch.

    @19thHole --

    D4 -- wow, you are a strong guy :)

    If you ever get around to it, and since you have access to the scale, I would be interested to know how close to D4 your clubs actually weigh.

    You do not need to be strong and I am not (just ask OUTiger or Whaql1). Just like the feel of the heavier club. They are exactly at D4, that is how I had the custom shop make them and the spec sheet that came with shows that. If you ask Titleist for a spec and they accept the order, that is exactly what you will get. If you do not, the guy that ordered them made a mistake. I order quite a few sets of custom clubs and have never had a customer's club get made incorrectly!

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    I haven't got them yet but I have been looking into them.


    Will be getting fit for new irons in spring, doing it now to just hit them indoors or with my teacher seems mean. Need to be able to see the flight outside. Will run the full brand list, but love the look of the new AP1's.


    My AP2's are straight butter.  Feel is very nice.  Still figuring out the flighting with the different shafts.  Will be nice when the weather gets back to being consistent.  



    Any differences that you noticed?

    I saw on the spec sheet that the 6 iron - PW are 1 degree stronger than the 712's. Also it looks to me like the sole is more rounded. It's too cold, windy and gray today here in NJ to hit them but I did have them tuned in by my club guy.

    Adam, I was talking with the pro who fitted me today and we were discussing the sole today and he stated that they were more rounded so that they would take cleaner thinner divots.......I actually had mine bent one more degree and my shafts are one inch over standard....the swing weight is D2......they are a piece of work........I had the AP2 2008 project x 5.5 shafts stiff model and the 714 model really stays on line better for me......such a pure feel.........chuck

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    What else did you try when you got your new irons?