Cameron Futura X Putter Review

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    Here is a review of the new Cameron Futura X mallet. Now, I think I probably fall into the camp of "I can get over the looks if the thing works"..While my current putter is not leaving the bag anytime soon (a Circa 62 I love), this review has piqued my interest and a trip to my local golf shop ( NOT an Edwin Watts or a Golfsmith!!)


    I tried one of the SC Futura X, but it did not interest me enough to pull out the golf debit card.  I played in a senior two day tournament final last Tuesday with a competitor who finished second and was using a Futura X and I asked him how he liked it and he spoke highly of it.  Said he liked the way it stayed on line to the hole and the weight distribution.  Scratch player and one of top players in area.  I value his recommendation, but will stay with my Newport 2 Notchback Select.  He putted extremely well with it.  There is a putter out there for everyone.    

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    Interesting, very very interesting.


    Interesting article to read, but I already have a couple Cameron's, and tried out many more. My current California Del Mar works great, looks great, so I'm not going to consider this "branding iron."


    Interesting and very complete.

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    This is a well written review. I'm not a Scotty guy but am getting more and more tempted. I've putted a few on similar styled modern design and was surprised by how much I liked it. Okay, not so over the top that I dropped $$$.


    I agree with the results of the review, it is one of the best SBST cameron putters I have ever rolled and I have just about every mallet putter made by him OTR and CT...however I agree with the article that the pistolero grip does not work well for my stroke so I put on a Super Stroke and it putts even better! The key here is that if you like toe flow in your putters such as with the Del Mar's etc.., you will not like this putter...however if you have enjoyed the Golo, Kombi, Futura are going to love this putter...the center shaft model OTR will be available in Spring and I have to admit that I do not like center shaft putters much but in the Futura X it is wonderful...currently it is a CT version which is how I have had access to playing it...definitely you will want to try both next year!  Just remember to consider changing the grip if you are not a big fan yet of the pistolero.