My In-Depth Titleist Fitting Experience At Oceanside CA. (& Bob Vokey) - Part 1


    Titleist was a great host to my fitting session on October 31, 2013.  It began by my arrival in the early morning, they asked me to arrive around 8:30 but I had to come a little earlier since my enthusiasm was beyond excited.  I wanted to see how my current AP2's and 913 Woods/Hybrids would stack up to the scrutiny of the professional fitting center.  My goal for the day was to ensure that all my equipment was suitable and appropriate for my game but I realized that it would not turn me into a PGA Tour (Darn! LOL)...but at least give me the chance to determine the best equipment for my game.  

    (Front Entrance To Building After You Drive In)

    The first thing once you walk in the building you notice is a lot of Titleist heritage and technology.  To the right is the TPI Performance Studio and to the left you begin seeing lots of Surf Boards.  Note the one below hanging from the ceiling... The TPI Studio is literally a full service gym with studio lights and camera's! Matt, one of the social media leaders (not pictured below) was working out and getting ready for the day...what a great gym to have at your workplace! LOL

    I hung out in the players lounge while I waited for the staff to get out of a meeting and watched some Golf Channel which was sort of strange seeing this is like the Mecca for Titleist and there was a constant reference to Titleist and FJ items on the Golf Channel as you all know...

    I was met by my fitter, Cliff, who was one of the most gracious and professional people I have ever met.   I felt he immediately was sizing me up as we walked down the corridor to the fitting range.  You know, what are my strengths and weaknesses and what was I hoping to accomplish during the day.  He explained that we would work on the irons and hybrids and woods during the morning and end around lunch then move into wedges all afternoon.  

    Cliff asked me to begin warming up and asked what type of golf balls I play with, I mentioned how I have enjoy the ProV1x and he grabbed a couple full shag bags numbered with 1's.  I asked him what this was about and he said they have four different types of balls here (outside of the unique tour balls that are not for mass distribution) ProV1x and surprise however they separate the balls for iron/woods and for wedges.  The replace the iron/woods balls twice a year while the wedges are replaced four times per year.  Can you imagine having fresh range balls four times a year! OMG!

    ...and then began the fitting (unfortunately I have run out of time at the airport...I will get back to Part 2 in the next couple of days!) Sorry!


    dang!  that's awesome!  but what to leave us hanging.  you better not wait a couple of days for part 2!  haha.

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    Hey Chris, love this recap thus far. Brings back memories. Can't wait for part 2.


    Looks like a great time... Vokey up next?

    I'm glad they allowed photos!


    Looks awesome Chris.  Can't wait to hear the rest of your experience.  I am going out to Oceanside on the 12th to meet with Bob Vokey so I am sitting on the edge of my seat to hear about your afternoon session!


    Great report Chris.  Can not wait to see the next installment.


    This is that are worth a million experience of a lifetime.....this should drop at least four strokes of the old game......


    Chris, can tell you had a tremendous time.  Just hope your flight home was not disrupted by the events at LAX.  Looking forward to part 2.


    More coming today...! Vokey info also!

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    Wow! This looks like quite the facility! Excellent description and prelude to the good stuff coming up in part two...It will be quite interesting to see if your current set up stands in place following your fitting..


    Ok, Part 2 is posted as promised!