Second Hole in One


    congrats pulp

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    So sweet! What a way to close it out.


    Way to go!


    Happy belated birthday, glad you go my present.  I snuk out in front of you and widen the hole a bit.  I knew you were playing through

    Congrats on #2

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    Congrats Ted!!  Awesome accomplishment!!  Sounds like your entire gorup was pin-seeking that day, but you brought home the bacon.  Well Done!!


    Pretty cool, Ted.. . Congratulations!

    I know I'm late about this, but still happy for you.


    Great story Ted! Congrats 23 months what a drought between number 1 and number 2 :)


    Congrats Ted!!

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    According to Golf Digest and Dr. Francis Scheid of Boston Univ, the odds of an average player making an ace are 12,000 to 1, and from over 200 yards: 150,000 to 1.  Now calculate how many Par 3s you will play in a lifetime and you see you're in quite an exclusive club!  Congratulations!