Annual Physical Exam


    During his annual physical examination, the doctor asked him about his physical activity level.  He described a typical day this way:  "Well, yesterday afternoon, I took a five hour walk, about 7km,  through some pretty rough terrain. waded along the edge of a lake.        pushed my way through thick bush. got sand in my shoes and my eyes. avoided standing on a snake. climbed several rocky hills. releaved myself a few times behind some big trees.

    The mental stress of it all left me shattered. At the end of it all I drank eight beers".  Inspired by the story, the doctor said, "You must be one heck  of  an outdoors man!"

    “ No,” he replied, “I’m just a really bad Golfer”.

    Is this anyone you know?  I cleaned this up, so it would not get bleeped.....


    Good one Chuck. I ave a couple of my buddies from our Myrtle Beach crew that this applies to. They only play golf once a year, so it's always an excursion....

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    I thought my doctor was better at keeping his mouth shut.


    Nice story chuck! Thanks for sharing.


    My buddies will enjoy that one as well.

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    Funny story.  And that pretty much describes me.


    Good one!

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    Hmm, someone overheard my conversation with my physician eh?

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    I think we have all been there on one day or another.  Great story.


    I thought my doctor was better at keeping his mouth shut.

    Sorry, but you know how some people much for doctor patient


    Not bad at all.


    Funny story Chuck! Pretty sure you talked to me Dr.