Golf tees

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    @fred -- totally agree. The marketing hype in golf these last few years is nuts.


    Sounds like another unfounded claim to me.  My experience had been that the particular type of tee has no impact on my ball flight, only the height of the tee really impacts this.  I wish changing the tee would give an extra 10% distance; if so, sign me up!  Unfortunately, after trying to change everything around (clubs, balls, tees, ball markers, hats, underwear, etc.) it always comes back to the only thing that truly impacts my ball flight materially is my swing!


    Came to last hole today and what not playing particularly well and looked down there was a standard long white tee and I said what the heck and picked it up and placed my ball on top of it.  I normally play the plastic tees.  Guess just too lazy or at that point could care less.  Pow, my best drive of the day into the shot all over the flag with a nine iron and had a eight foot putt for a birdie and shazam.....only birdie of the day......maybe tees don't matter........maybe it is the make contact deliberate swing that works.........