Muni Mascot


    Very nice ... we have rattle snakes over here & that's not a mascot you want walk up on


    No rattle snakes here, just copperheads, cottonmouths and coral snakes.......if we hit it in deep in the pines....we don't even bother......As we were walking along number 12 yesterday (70 degrees and a great day for a walk, it was) and looked across the fairway, we saw a very large racoon running from the marshes and soaring above him was a very mature red tail hawk.....the sky was very clear and his red tail was spread out and on display in the breeze......numerous storks were out feeding, as were the great blue herrons and numerous species of white shore birds on display...... and of course the ever present "da geese" and the foxy lady........whoever said "life is good" was right......


    Our very large racoon that we saw yesterday, tried to cross a very busy highway that divides the golf course today and was not so lucky.......after being hit by one of the speeding vehicle it managed to make its way to the Sr tee box on hole number 18 to await its fate.  Animal control was called and it was taken away and humanly put out of it's not care for racoons because of the chance of rabies, but really hate to see any animal in pain.....but foxy lady was there for her morning feeding.....and I do feed her well....Hills Science Diet dog food.....this is funny....she always takes one or two pieces and burys them and comes back and eats the rest......


    For many years we have had a beautiful little fox who raises her family around hole number 7 at our local muni.  A wooded area with water and lots of squirrels.  Her next favorite food is peanut butter crackers.  She is a begger but we do respect the fact that she is a wild animal.  Can't wait to see her new litter of kits when they arrive.

    GREAT NEWS:  Saw Foxy Lady today and from her appearance, it looks like she has a new family.  We know where the kits are but they are probably not big enough to come out of the drain pipe, yet.   Hope to get some pictures once they are out and about.  Afterall, spring is Thursday.......


    My son lost a hot dog to a racoon last fall. Big fat and was not at all scared of either of us. We were putting out and he climbed into our cart and ate his meal while we yelled at him and rocked the cart. Threat of being bit kept us at the back of the cart with the seat and clubs between us.

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    While not on a local course, this dancing dinner was spotted doing the spring love strut for a couple of admiring ladies seated in a preferred loge perch...

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    We  have a couple of coyotes on our course  that coexist just fine with the golfers. The Geese that visit our fairways and greens every Spring are  a different situation.


    We have monkeys -- that steal stuff out of your carts and cobra's.  Both could be good mascots ;)

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    We regularly see a pair of cranes,  multiple turkeys, deer and once in awhile a fox.  Also have seen hawks.