Muni Mascot


    For many years we have had a beautiful little fox who raises her family around hole number 7 at our local muni.  A wooded area with water and lots of squirrels.  Her next favorite food is peanut butter crackers.  She is a begger but we do respect the fact that she is a wild animal.  Can't wait to see her new litter of kits when they arrive.  

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    Wow that's a great picture!  We have a LOT of deer at one of our local muni's and many times they don't move much if at all if you need to get near them.  It's pretty awesome.


    And for you baby boomers out there, we call her "foxy lady".....not very original.....but our M,W,F, group, The Little Rascals are mainly retirees.......



    We have a bunch of theiving squirrels on our holes number 10 (green) and 11 (tee box). They literally sit there and beg, and if you don't give them anything they are routinely seen in the dash of the carts trying to root around for anything edible! Saw one take a whole sandwich, in a bag, and take it from the cart. He then took it out of the bag and a wrapper and ate it in front of the guy who's wife packed it. Hilarious!


    Randy, when you reffer to a guys sandwich, is that a code for it was yours?

    Hope all is well

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    That is an awesome picture ChuckZ, I think my course has a couple of turtles and some ducks who hang out in a pond near our 18th green, but nothing as cool as your Foxy Lady.  Thanks for sharing.  


    We have a dog on 14 fairway that always comes down to say hello to the golfers. He is a mix but it seems like everytime I play he is there. I like seeing the animals on the course, I don't like them stealing food haha.


    Randy, you will love this one.....we have this one old crow that has broken left foot and of course we tagged him with the name lefty....he loves to hang in the trees around hole number five and wait on those of us locals who are stupid enough to leave food in the carts and when we get out of the carts he attacks and grabs his snacks for the day.....funny as he goes flying across the course with crackers or whatever.....we had a new critter join us this week.....a 5' gator.....have not seen any there in is a paradise for wildlife and they do keep the squirrels in check....had a family of ospreys out fishing Wednesday with a Redtail hawk chasing them.....wanted their catch....this course in along the coastal river swampy area....beautiful for a muni.....

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    I have a Mutual of Omaha back yard here on Cape Cod - Foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and opossum routinely seen trying to creep up on unsuspecting birds at back yard feeders (foxes) or unsuspecting cats trying to sneak up on birds at the feeders (more fox antics), or climbing up feeders to snack on seed (raccoons) or eat anything they can find anywhere (Possums). I've even seen a red-tailed hawk try to swoop in a grab a song bird....The local Ospreys are seasonal residents, raising a family on fish and then heading down Chuck's way and further south for the winter...

    Tough life being a bird at the backyard feeder here on the Cape...!!!


    Most of our wildlife tend to stay with us, including those **** Geese....., we have those that migrate, and then we have those that stay and raise their familys and multiply.........of course the lady who fed them moved back to the hills of eastern SC.....our Osprey tend to stay and you can see their nests all along the waterways (powerlines).....noisey little birds.....but interesting to watch


    Nice picture, CZ!

    We also have a few visitors at our course, but not nearly as cute as Foxy Lady.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Nice "foxy lady" Chuck...that is way more *** than what we have here locally in the OC. The usual sighting is a flock on geese on the fairways or their droppings on the greens. However, the best sighting was a family of deer lounging on the 12th hole at Pacific Grove Golf Links in PG. We landed on the green and two putted, they never flinched the entire time. As we finished the hole they finally stood up and walked away with a look as if they could have done better than par. Look forward to seeing foxy lady family. Cheers!  


    I love Pacific Grove Golf Links and play it every time I am in that area.......the back nine there is absolutely beautiful and a delight to play.....lighthouse and all.....I even bought a replica of the lighthouse.....Pacific Grove is a beautiful area and my wife and I plan on staying in that area next time we come to San Francisco.....we honeymooned in SF.....I used to work for Levi Strauss and Co, and our headquarters was there.......


    what a beautiful pic!


    Very nice ... we have rattle snakes over here & that's not a mascot you want walk up on