RipStop Windshirts as Tee Gifts


    I had a conversation yesterday with our head pro about the City of Charleston's upcoming Annual Senior Men's Invitational Golf Tournament and this year they will be providing FJ RipStop Windshirts as tee gifts for participants.  What a pleasant addition and upgrade to this tournament.      

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    Wow, what a great tee gift!  Kudos to them for doing so!

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    Very nice , even more reason to go low.  Go get em Chuck !


    Very nice , even more reason to go low.  Go get em Chuck !

    Three divisions:  Seniors (50-59) Super Seniors (60-69) that's my group and Super-Super Seniors 70+.....limiting the field to 120 players......should be a good tournament.....runs November 1,2,3.....we have some very good senior players in the Charleston area...expect to see some low scores......I just hope to shoot respectable scores on my home course.....three days of tournament golf at our ages....whew.....probably will walk, as well...thanks


    Don't forget to post pictures of the event and the tee gift!  Go get 'em, CZ.

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    Sounds  like a sweet perk to me.


    Meet with our head pro today and actually saw the windshirts and they look awesome.  Saw the black shirts with the tournament logo on the chest.  Told him that this was the very best tee gift that they had provided us ever.  Thanks to FJ for working with our tournament.  Hope they do not give them all away.  Might consider purchasing an extra one in another color.  We all know, you can never have to much FJ.....and I try to remember to take my camera......hard to take pictures when you are focused on trying to win a tournament......but I will try......