*IMPORTANT NOTICE* New shared login for Acushnet Company websites


    Hello FJ Community,

    In an effort to improve your experience across the following Acushnet websites, starting 10/15/13 all users will now be able to access all the Acushnet family of websites with a single user name and password. This includes:

    • Team Titleist
    • FJ Community

    Acushnet made this change in order to reduce the number of logins that you need to remember and to standardize our Brands' login processes for both ease of use and improved security.

    If you are registered on more than one site.  Starting 10/15/13, when you log in to you will need to use the same username and password that you use for and Team Titleist.

    If you do not have any other login than FJ you will have to reset your password via a link provided on the 15th.

    Nothing else should have changed. Your profile information, registered products, friends, dealers and personal preferences should be unchanged in this process.

    It is probably important to note that although login information will be shared across all the sites, logging into one site does not automatically log you into all of the sites. So do not be alarmed if you go from Titleist to FootJoy and are not logged in to FootJoy.

    Please be patient on the morning of 10/15/13 as and the FJ Community will be down from 8:00 a.m. until the early afternoon.


    So isn't Acushnet??  


    Simplicity at its finest.... Hoping for a smooth transition!


    Great news!!


    This makes life much easier.  Thanks again for being so inovative!


    Way to make it easy for us.  Keep the updates rolling.



    Thank you Acushnet family.  Appreciate the update, Devin.....

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    Good stuff, thanks lots.

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    That's great!!!

    I couldn't find my TeamTitleist logon 2 week ago....this will make it easier


    Much easier indeed.  Thanks,


    first.....that's great!  second.....what the heck am i suppose to do all morning on tuesday??  guess i'll actually have to work!


    Scotty does his own thing... See the poo poo shirts he uses!


    This will make life simpler!  I wonder if this affect any email lists that we are on specific to each site?

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    Go to hear that you guys are consolidating this things. It certainly does make things easier.

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    Love it!  Thanks for the heads up Devin!