Team Titleist Outings This Fall


    Sounds like some very lucky people had a great time enjoying new equipment, getting some technical knowledge and playing a great golf course in irish conditions, while the rest of us can just drool.  Contrats guys.  Maybe next time for the some of the rest of us.  Memphisunited, love to hear about it in December if we can get together.  Sounds like FJ and Titleist really put on great events.  


    Glad it was fun. I'm stoked for San Diego!


    Well, we are back and settled back into our routine after participating in the TT event in San Diego at The Grand Del Mar. It was fun meeting new people and making new friends as well as seeing some familiar faces (TNT looking fashionable as usual with his FJ's, and other FJA were present.. etc...!). Here are is a link and pic:

    TT Page with some write-ups and pics:

    (Cathi was kind enough to take a quick picture of me with my new Titleist Equipment!)

    The day was a lot of fun but a little on the chilly side for San Diego in December, 55 degrees! However, we survived and had a incredible day of golf on this PGA Tour Player frequented course. The course has a lot of elevation changes and one hold we hit off the top of a small mountain/large hill down to a fairway and back up to the green...gorgeous layout...reminded me a lot of Arizona Golf on a few holes. I played with a former touring pro named Skip (he is the tech rep for Titleist for southern California and Cameron (he is like Cathi as a Titleist Club Concierge); Cam and I played Skip in a 2 vs 1 Ryder Cup style format but we knew we were in trouble when Skip started out (with demo clubs not his own clubs!) something like 5 under par after 6 holes! At the end of the day, Cam and I got lucky since Skip ran into some trouble later in the round and we pulled out a narrow win on the 18th hole...not really fair 2v1 but Skip was an amazing player! All in all, an incredible day!