Golden Bear Golf Balls

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    Anyone going to try these?

    I am pretty happy with my 1Xs. I think the philosphy behind the different balls is a bit simple.

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    I've tried the link in this post bout cannot seem to find an article about Jack Nicklaus golf ball offering. Given his disdain for the modern ball, perhaps he is trying to offer a tamer ball? I have a hard time believing that hoa engineers have anything that'll top Titleist.....


    Try this link and story. It is a simple philosophy, but I'm sticking with my Titleists.


    i might pick up a couple just because of the logo, but not sure i'll actually play them.

    interesting how he talks about swing speed.  that seems to be a bridgestone thing.  from what i've read, Titleist doesn't factor swing speed into selecting a golf ball.

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    The guys playing from the back tees that shouldn't be there, will be playing the black balls for the same reason. I read both articles and watched the video. No meat about what the differences are in the balls. I will stick with Titleist in any case.


    I agree with one of the quotes regarding if some of the golfers don't know what tees to play to begin with, how will they know what ball to play...... might be a good keepsake, but personally will keep playing the number one ball......Titleist ProV1/Prov1X....yes, I use both balls......I really like the ProV1X, but when I am playing in a tournament and the greens are hard and fast, I will go to the ProV1....seems to check better for me.....Jack's ball will not be in my bag......

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    I like them for the idea.  Make it simpler for someone to choose the "proper" golf ball.  Right now a majority of people pick a ball based purely on price.  If they can even be slightly informed in their decision that is cool.  I hope these balls perform as well as they tell us they will.

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    I would suspect it will be similar to the E series.


    They seem like gimmick to me...but for the golfer  that plays infrequently maybe it will be a hit.  V1x's are staying in the bag period...can't imagine improving on these...


    Mark, you know it'd be difficult to resist and say no to Jack.  Besides, the bear looks like a California symbol, and I like that as a Cali resident, I'll have to see what it's about. . . Yeah, I'm partial to Titleist, so it's really going to be tough.  But, I'll try it one of these days, I guess.


    I saw the interview with Jack and I thought to myself: "of course, we don't have enough golf balls as it is, Jack needs to come out with three more types of balls to make it easier to decide, it would be great if he color coded them to make it easier to understand which one I should play." This is just another way to make a buck. I can't imagine Jack's golf balls to be any more different than any of the B-stone line already in play. Also, the idea behind the ball being fit for the tee the player plays from is a bit off in my mind. There are a number of courses I play from the back tees, a number I play from one tee up, and those of us who had the pleasure of playing Medinah CC, we played from the front tees and it was still quite the chanllenge (I believe only 5 or so broke 80). While I do agree that most players should tee it forward, the idea of the ball being colored to match the tees one plays is a bit silly. Everyone should be fit for a ball or at least find one they like to hit and stick to it.